Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Board of Education Meeting


 Some highlights of the Bogota Board of Education meeting on Tuesday 16- Sept.
 The Board approved the appointment of Christine Giancola to serve as the Interim Principal  at Steen School. Ms Giancola will have that position for the school year 2014-2015. Superintendent Dr. Pantoliano explained that this is not the ideal solution there was not an acceptable candidate with the required professional experience at this time.  Due to prior personal commitments Ms. Giancola will be at Steen three days a week until December then be on staff Full Time at Steen.
  Another item approved of was a change to the grading & Report Card system in Grades K to 5. The grading schedule will be a trimester system that will fully come into effect in December. This means that there will be three grade periods instead of the current four per school year. The grade will also then be on a 1 to 4 system with a grade of 4 meaning that a Student is doing above average work for their grade level. A three means that a student is achieving grade level proficiency in a subject. There will also be a increased number of  specific areas a  student will be graded in. Not all areas will be graded in all trimesters.  The example Superintendent Dr. Pantoliano  gave was that in fifth grade math a geometry grade will be left blank for the first , or second trimesters because that subject has not been taught  yet. However, in the last  trimester there will be a grade for that and it along with the other Math subject will all be taken into account for a Student final grade.
   This is being made possible because of the"Power School" that has been expanded into the elementary grade levels.  Some Parents, Teachers, and Board Members voice their concerns about how to implement the new system Trustee Lisa Pela asked if the standard report card be use in conjunction with the new system until Parents fully understand how it works. Superintendent Dr. Pantoliano agreed to incorporate that idea , and stated training for Parents will be added to the two elementary schools " Back to School Nights" and at some of the PTA /PTO meeting for each school. She also said that Teacher training with the new system will be continued.
   At the start of the the meeting Superintendent Dr. Pantoliano had one announcement that the Field House at Feigel Field will be be in use for the Football Game on Sat. 20-Sept. It will have a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy issued by the Borough  to allow the teams to use the building. There will not be running water due to a delay in connection the Field House to a main water line.  Temporary Bathrooms, and  water station will be provided for the game.  The new Stand are expected to be inspected within 24 hours and a New Press Box may be in place by Saturday Morning. Superintendent Dr. Pantoliano also wanted to thank the Borough Officials that had to work to get the field house & stands opened as quickly as they did.
  Another announcement  by Superintendent Dr. Pantoliano was that  in the most recent survey by New Jersey Monthly magazine out of the 339 High Schools in New Jersey Bogota High  School move up 59 places to # 200. This puts #32 out 42 High Schools in Bergen County.

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