Friday, September 26, 2014

New Steen Principal

 26- Sept.-2014
   On Thursday 25- Sept. the Steen School held their back to school night. This was basically like the one held at Bixby School earlier, and the High School next week. A few other things were presented at the Steen last night. One was that new gym floor installed over the Summer. Much to the delight of Physical Education Teacher Ms. Ciccone  the new floor is a typical Hardwood floor with no seams to come loose. This will also be a welcomed by the Bogota Middle School Basketball team which has use  Steen as their Home court in the pass.  Another  was an address by School Board Superintendent Dr. Letizia Pantoliano she was on hand to  personally explain the new grading system for students in Kindergarten to fifth grade. She had previously Bixby School as well to talk about the new system.  She told the Parents that this new system was based on a 1 to 4 standard. A 4 meaning that a student is performing at a grade level higher in a subject then they are currently in. A 1 meaning that a Student is in need of some help in learning the subject being graded. The new system is also separated into more specific areas. A Student will be graded on more than just Math but on that specific type of Math ie:  Addition, Subtraction, Fractions,  Algebra, etc throughout the year. And that a blank space means that part of the subject has not yet been covered.
  The Main part of the evening was the formal announcement that Principal Thomas Conroy was leaving Steen to accept the same position at a school closer to his home.  He wanted to take the time to thank the Parents & Students for their support at Steen, and wished them all well  Mr. Conroy was thanked by the Parents with a long round of applause. Then the new Interim Principal  Ms. Christine Giancola  was introduced to the Parents.

 Superintendent Dr. Letizia Pantoliano addressing the Parents
 about the new grading

 Mr.Conroy  wishing the Steen community well.

Interim Principal  Ms. Christine Giancola
 introducing herself to the Parents

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