Wednesday, September 3, 2014


  At the special Bogota Board of Education Meeting on Tuesday 2- Sept two resolution were passed to increase the budget on the New Board of Education Building , and the new Field House at Feigel Field. The first resolution was to approve an increase of  just over $88,000 to install a new water main to the field house.  This came about because United Water will not install a meter to the field house because of the condition of the water pipes that fed the old field house. The Contractor, William Scottsman Inc, says that United Water had informed them of the situation only recently and that the cost of new pipes where not in the original budget. United Water states that new pipes of approximately 500 ft will be needed to connect the field  house to the closest water line.  One observation made was that because it is a totally new structure United Water is asking for new water lines be construction.  The observation continued, at if even one of the original walls remain the excessive water line could be used. This was passed by a 5-2 vote with two board members not present. A comment from a dissenting vote was over that fact the Board of Education now has to pay more money for a problem not foreseen by the contractor. The Contractor, William Scottsman Inc, explained that when the this resolution was adopted then they will contact United Water to begin work on the new water lines to try and meet the 20-Sept. deadline of having the new field house  open in time for the  Home Opener of the High School football team against Emerson.
   The second resolution of approving a new budget for both projects with a total of just over $191,000 increase to the original budget. This also passed by a 5-2 vote.


  Starting this week the Bogota Dept. of Public Works will be the sole public collection service in the Borough. As part of the agreement with the State of New Jersey over the Financial Mandate the Borough has the legal right to terminate it's contract with B&B Refuse Services. This contract was set to expires on 31- Dec. 2014. Now the Bogota DPW will now handle all the collection duties. Regular trash pick-up will remain Mon. & Thurs. and Tues. & Fri. until 1- October when it will be once a week collection. the Recycling schedule stays the same along with White metal the last Friday of each Month, and " Leaf Season" starting in October until early December Weather permitting. The only schedule change is yard waste will be collected on Thursday for the Western part of the Borough, and Friday for the Eastern part.
  The Borough predicts a saving of $20,000 per month for the last 4 months of the old contract. There is also the hope that a addition (or two) hourly DPW worker will be added at the beginning of 2015. A long term plan of the Bogota DPW keeping all the collection service so it could provide a better & more effective collection service to the residents of Bogota.    

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