Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bucs Football

27- Sept.-2014
   The Bogota Bucs Football team play a Friday Night game at Fiegel Field ,and came away with a 32-7 victory over Wallington. The Bucs offense coming to grow more confident playing a ball control game wearing down the Wallington Defense then striking for the big play. While the Bogota Defense, for the third straight game limited their opponent to only one Touchdown.
   Bogota took a 14-0 lead into the half and had some unsuccessful possessions to start the third quarter.  This gave the Panthers good field position to cut the score in half by the Three quarter mark. An 18 point final quarter saw Brennen Rodgers throw for one touchdown, and sneaking in for another. While Austin Urbaez ran for another long score.
    Some Wallington player showed their  frustration , and the Bogota players their passion with a few pushing incident near the end causing  Coach Nick DeStefano to calm down some of his players. This was echoed in his post game talk to his team. That the frustration showed by an opponent is a sign that the team is playing their game. But , with an away game next week the players must stay being the smarter players and continue the sportsmanship that is excepted.
   The Bucs next game is  friday 3- Oct- at Weehawken with a Kick-off scheduled to be at 7:00p

   In Bogota Bucs  Soccer Their  Varsity game at St. Mary's has been reschedule for next Friday 3-Oct and will have a 4:00p Kick-off This will then move their Junior Varsity game at Hawthorne Christian to Thursday 2-Oct. with a 4:00p start.

Wallington's # 14 Omar Hussein

Bogota's #12 Brennen Rodgers bring his team up to the line.

Isaiah Del La Cruz (R) pressering
Wallington's # 14 Omar Hussein 

Bogota's # 60 Jamison Ventura pursuing the play.

Bogota Defense making a tackle.

Bogota's #2 Austin Urbaez breaking free.

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