Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bucs Football

21- Sept-2014
   The Bogota Football Bucs played their first game at the improved Fiegel Field and came away with a 27-7 victory over Emerson. Bogota had a three touchdown performance from Austin Urbaez , with Zayn Ksiyer adding a fourth. The Bucs lead throughout the game only being tie at 7 midway through the second quarter.  Mr. Ksiyer broke through the Cavaliers line before halftime to give the Bucs a 14-7 going into the break.  The Bogota defense then shut down Emerson for the rest of the game. They forced two fumbles & intercepted  one pass to help secure the Bucs second win of the season.
  Bogota next plays Wallington at Fiegel Field for the annual evening game on Friday 29-Sept. The Kick-off will be at 7:00p

 Bogota entering the field

Bogota's #2 Austin Urbaez

Emerson # 15 Ian O'Hanlon

 Bogota's Isaiah De La Cruz sacking #12 Sean Dunn

 Bogota's #12 Brennen Rogers

Austin Urbaez breaking free..

 ...then running for the Touchdown.

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