Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bogota Beautiful

   Bogota Beautiful held its monthly board meeting on Wednesday 17- Sept. This marked the one Anniversary of the founding of this group.  Some of the accomplish for it's first year were to be recognised by the Borough Government as a community group  with a mission to improve the quality of life for the residents of Bogota.  This was realised when they were given permission to use the Borough Council Chambers for their Monthly meeting, and had a member of council be a liaison to their group. Another goal that was met in the first year was to be able to raise funds and complete at least one project for the community. This was the Blooming Bogota fund that saw the installation of and  decorating eight planters along  the W.Main St. Business section.  These planters have been welcomed by resident & business owners on W. Main St as a visual improvement to the area. They have also been treated with respect by pedestrian who pass by them. Little or no damage has occurred to the planters in the three months they have been installed.
  Another goal was to be involved in community projects. They were able to provide Volunteers to the Steen School Garden clean-up in August.
  There goals for their second year is to continue to work with the community on project to help keep Bogota clean. They will be providing Volunteers to help with the Steen Grounds clean-up this will take place on Sat. 20- Sept. from 10:00a to 11:00a They hope to have Volunteers when there is a similar clean-up at the High School. Other project they are starting to plan is the change over of  plants in the W. Main St. Planters. They what to replace the Summer foliage with small evergreens and fall colours. The evergreen will be an item that can last until the spring while keeping its colour, with a possibility of being decorated for the Holiday Seasons. Bogota Beautiful is planing a fundraiser benefit for late September in order to acquire plants for an early October installation. They will be accepting donations of funding or products (soil, flowering plants, and small evergreen shrubs)
   Bogota Beautiful talked about some long term projects including organization Christmas Carols to travel to  private resident during the Holiday Season. Another was to provide live shows at the Bandshell in Olsen Park.
   For more information about these projects, how to Volunteer with  Bogota Beautiful please visit their web site at :  

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