Saturday, September 6, 2014

Opening Day

   On Wednesday 3- Sept. was the First day of school for the Students of the Bogota Public School System.  Many Parents accompanied their Children to start the new year.  Friends got together to find out about all the news from over the Summer. Parents compared notes on what household chores can now be catch-up on. For some this is the beginning Chapter on a final story. Sixth Graders are now on the top of the Ladder at Steen & Bixby, while Seniors in High School may have to start planning for the rest of their lives.  Then they are the newest Students who just want to hold on to Mom for a little longer.
  In the High School there is a new Board of Education they must pass by, but an Air Conditioner Gym  to  go to Phys Ed in.  One of the more noticeable paint jobs at Bixby is a colour playground, done by the Parents over the Summer. Steen gets a new Gym floor of hardwood, which should be stronger & safer the the old vinyl floor.  Steen Students were again greeted by Principal Conroy who will be at school until at least the end of September until a new Principal is selected.

The following photos are courtesy of Doreen Lechunga

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