Wednesday, November 4, 2015


   Bogota Blog NJ has received  a request  to assist the family of Arianna Muti with the medical bills  following an Medical Emergency she has suffered. Below is a more detailed  description of the situation proved by  Rachel Dunkin

Please join us to help the Miranda-Muti Family. 15% of your purchase will be donated to the family to assist with medical bills incurred. Please share and invite!!

I encourage you to view the following pages to read more:

Arianna Muti is a beautiful, smart, kind hearted, and active 9 year old girl. She was playing soccer on 10/10/2015 when she complained of a headache. Her pain quickly progressed causing her to scream and cry in pain. She was taken to a hospital and found to have bleeding in her brain. She needed to be taken by helicopter to a trauma center where she was found to have an AVM (arteriovenous malformation).

Brain AVM is a tangle of abnormal blood vessels connecting arteries and veins in the brain. Arteries are responsible for taking oxygen rich blood from the heart to the brain. Veins carry the oxygen depleted blood back to the lungs. AVM disrupts this process. When the blood vessels rupture due to the pressure on weakened and abnormal vessels, this causes bleeding in the brain (hemorrhage).

She needed to have emergency brain surgery and underwent a hemicraniectomy where part of the skull is removed to gain access to the AVM, and dissection of the hematoma. They leave the part of the skull off to allow the brain to swell which is a normal healing process. She is being kept sedated for now as her brain needs to rest. When visiting you cannot speak to her or touch her as it raises her blood pressure which is very dangerous in this situation. She will need to undergo additional procedures where they guide a small catheter to the brain, and using x-ray guidance, block off the abnormal connections. She will eventually need surgery to replace the piece of skull that was removed.

Imagine one moment, your healthy 9 year old is playing soccer and the next you are in a nightmare that you cannot wake up from. Arianna has a younger brother and sister who desperately need their big sister to recover.

We cannot even begin to estimate the cost of the medical bills, including being transported by helicopter. We do not know how many more procedures will need to be done, the length of the hospital stay (right now the doctors are thinking 2-3 weeks), or the amount of rehab that will be needed to repair her weakened muscles or any deficits from the brain bleeding.

All donations will be used for the medical bills incurred and to ensure Arianna gets the best medical care.

 Anyone  interesting in attending this event should print the flyer below and present to the servers on this date.

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