Sunday, November 22, 2015

Pen Turning


   On Saturday 21- November members of the Hudson Valley Woodturners held a workshop in pen making. They showed the attendees the step by step process in creating a personalized pen from a wood blank to a one of a kind writing instrument. The Woodturners explained the tools used, techniques , and safety measures need to turn a pen.  The penmakers first rounded the pre-drilled blanks to get an even shape. Then the wood was formed into personal shapes,  some thin, others a bit thicker. All the pens needed to be certain sizes at the end to accept the writing hardware, but the space in between was left up to the individual. With the shape set, a light sanding with progressively finer sandpaper was used to smooth the wood. Next the wood was coated in oils to bring out the colour of the wood, then a sealers to protect wood when used. The final step was to assembly all the parts  into a brand new working pen.
  Some pens will be used by the maker, others will become gifts, but all will be a source of pride in the form of a hand made object.


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