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   On Tuesday 19- January the Bogota Public Library hosted a home organization workshop. This was presented by Jaime Novak, who gave a number of ideas of how to start a household clean-up. She started with  basic rules to assist in knowing how to keep organized. Some of the more obvious, but important  ones were: Make your bed. Not just your Mother told you to, but because it begins to show how nice, clean can be. The next was put away your clothes: this will free up a lot of space on a dresser, and give you a chance to look at what you have. While this is happening clothes can be evaluated on should it really be kept, does it still fit, or is it out of style. Separate sock into casual and dress, which will help speed up the time it actually get dress. Single sock left over = new dust rag. Now with all the room on the top of the dresser find a nice bowl for hand cream, jewelry, cell phones etc.  This was just one part of Ms. Novak five minutes organizing ideas to show the ease of organizing with not coast.
   She also talked about what to keep, and what to do with it. One of her mottos was "Cute really means it can NOT be used.. EVER"  The next step is bag anything that needs to leave the house. Then more important than that is to actually take it out of the house. And even more important than that is to drop it off somewhere that is not your house.  Somethings should be thrown away. Other item that still may be of use may be of use by someone else. She proved a number of companies that will accept used items from appliances, furniture, and computers, to clothing for all ages.
   Another part of Ms. Novak's presentation was about paperwork. What to keep, and how document can be disposed of safely. Since it is January one of her ideas is to purchase a 12 slot accordion folder. If possible one that stand be themselves. Each slot would be used for each month's paper work. Not matter how small from ATM stubs, bank & credit card statements to every type of receipt. This helps in a number of ways from budgeting, warranties, and at tax time. I second folder could also be used to separate business, and personal documents. Another way Ms. Novak explain to reduce paper is to stop it from going in. She gave a couple of website that will  stop catalogs, junk mail, and credit card offer from being mailed to a person.
   These and other hints were given in a straightforward and humorous way which helped show that the act of organizing can be done easily and relatively pain free.
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