Wednesday, January 20, 2016



   Bogota Blog NJ has created a line of buttons to help show pride in the Borough of Bogota.  The first series are now on sale. This are 2 1/4"  round buttons with a locking pin on the back. All buttons will also be available as a key chain.
   Buttons are priced at $3.00 apiece, while keychains are priced at $4.00 apiece. The inaugural series will consists  items representing the Bogota Police Emergency Youth Academy. Bogota Sports. And a Bogota Valentine.

   All buttons from BPEYA that are sold will have $1.00 of the purchase price donated to Bogota Police Emergency Youth Academy

Buttons in the Bogota Sports Series will have $1.00 of the purchase price donated to that organization's  Parent supporters.

 a Bogota Valentine are available in Spanish and English.

Shipping is included for orders of three or less being sent to a US address. Tax is included. 
For more information, or to order please send an  email Please allow 7-10 days for local delivers. Process from the sale of these items will help fund Bogota Blog NJ in its continuing cover of News, Events, and Sports in Bogota, NJ.

 ( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local news & sports please contribute what you can by using the  donation button  at the top right of the page.)

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