Monday, January 4, 2016

Sine Die 2016


   On Sunday 3-January the Bogota Borough Council held its 2016 Sine Die meeting to seat the government for the year 2016.  First their was the continuation of of thr 17 -December meeting. This was an opportunity to honour outgoing Council members Jorge Nunez and Robert Robbins for their service on the Council. Those two men were also presented with citations from New Jersey Assemblyman Gordon Johnson for their service to Bogota.
   The Sine Die meeting open with the Schiller Institute Choir singing the National Anthem. The Invocation was given by Pastor Rachel Zarnke of Trinity Lutheran Church. Mayor Keleman was the first to sworn in to a full three year term. He was accompanied by his Wife and Family, including his Father Former Bogota Mayor Alex Keleman. In his remarks afterward Mayor Keleman hopes to continue the growth and redevelopment that has already started in the Borough. Councilwoman Daniele Fede was next to be given the oath of Office for a three year term on Council. With her was her Husband and Mother. Then Frank Miranda was joined by his Mother and young Family to be sworn in for his full term on Borough Council. Councilman John Mitchell was elected as Council President for the upcoming year.
   Mayor Keleman took some time to recognize other of the community. First was Bogota Police Officer Walter Kumka for being the first Bogota Police Officer to qualify  to be a member of the Bergen County Sheriff Dept SWAT team. Then was Bogota Volunteer Firefighter Eamon Radburn was honoured for his work on the Emergency Service night in 2015. Mayor Keleman then present VFW Young Volunteer of the Year Katherine Fafara, and VFW Citizen of the Year  Brian Porcaro with their own plaques from the Mayor and Council.  He went on to recognise Library Children's Director Nikki Spiegel, and Bogota High School Principal Linda Gattuso on their recent retirement.
   The next order of business was the passing agenda items and the appointment to the committees and boards for the year 2016. The final swearing ins were Councilman John Mitchell to again be police Commissioner and to the officers of the Bogota Auxiliary Police, First Aid Squad, and Rescue Squad.

Mayor Keleman (L) & Robert Robbins

Mayor Keleman (L) and Jorge Nunez

Robert Robbins (L),  Jorge Nunez with Assemblyman Gordon Johnsom

The Schiller Chorus singing the National Anthem 

Pastor Rachel Zarnke

Mayor Keleman being sworn in with his Family

Mayor  Chris Keleman 
Councilwoman Daniele Fede being sworn in.

Councilman Frank Miranda being sworn in.

Officer Walter Kumka

Katherine Fafara 

Brian Porcaro

Nikki Spiegel

Radwa Ali(L) and Nikki Spiegel

Linda Gattuso

Councilman John Mitchell being sworn in as Police Commissioner
  Members of the Bogota Auxiliary Police, First Aid Squad, and Rescue Squad taking their oath of Office

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