Thursday, January 14, 2016

Salad Jar


   On Tuesday 12- January the Bogota Public Library hosted a workshop on Salad preparation.  This was given by Denise Roberts who showed how anyone can pre make a healthy option for a fast meal.  During her time in a corporate job she was noticing the limited option for inexpensive healthy lunches. With a group of her co-workers came up with  the idea of preparing salads for lunch using large mason jars. That idea was developed into the workshop given at the Library in front of over a dozen participate.  The Library supplied the mason jars while each person attending needed to bring on ingredient to share with the others.  What was brought varied from standard salad items like carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers, to different types of berries. Others donated pasta, chickpeas, and grains to add variety to the mix. Along with a number of different types of dressing. Ms. Roberts then showed how the ingredients could be assembled in the jar.  She started with a dressing at the bottom, but added this could be added when the jar is open for use. She recommended if anyone starts with a dressing then dry goods be added next. Grains and pastas would act as a buffer from the dressing to the wet foods, which will prevent them from becoming too soggy. Also the dry goods will absorb the dressing adding that flavor to theirs. Then the other foods with the lettuce going in last.
    The idea is to make the salad upside down, then flipped over into a bowl to be eaten. If the jar has a wide enough opening then it can be shaking and the salad eaten right out of the jar.  The need is to have a mason jar that will seal tight to keep the freshness in. This idea is so a number of jars can be made ahead of time during a weekend, then be used when needed already made. The uses for these Salad in a Jar could be for a number of reason from a quick lunch at work, and healthy side for dinner, a light snack, or even easy picnic item.

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