Monday, January 25, 2016

Road Closuer

25- January-2016

    PSE&G will start a major construction for its Northeast Grid project stating the week of 25-January.  Preliminary work will begin on Wednesday 27- January (weather permitting) and will take place from 7:00a to 7:00p. This work will result in the closing of the northbound lane of River Rd from Ridgefield Park between  North Ave and Elm Ave.  The Southbound lane  to Ridgefield Park will be open to  car & emergency vehicle traffic only. There may also be a shift in the Southbound lane as well to accommodate excavation need. This construction will also close part of the sidewalk on River Rd. that passes over the creek. There will be a temporary sidewalk installed along the southbound lane. Business along River Rd. will remain open , and there will be limited truck access to Outwater Plastic.
  The work is schedule to continue for the next 4-5 month. (June of 2016). The constitution is to allow PSE&G transmitting cable to cross over the creek at the bridge. This is another phase of the construction project along River Rd., since 2014, in order to upgrade their electrical distribution network..
      A notice and suggested detour plan has been sent to Bogota Residents. For more information , or question please contact PSE&G at or by calling 1-877-678-5784

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