Thursday, December 1, 2016


     It is with great sadness and much emotion to report the passing of Nikki Spiegel. The Director of the Children's Department of the Bogota Public Library for fifteen years she showed countless number of Children the joy of read.
  Many of the Students who had the fortune of her love of learning and reading will remember here as just Nikki. Rarely the phrase "Ms. Spiegel", or   Ms. "N" would be used  While reading to the Children around her,  "Nikki" was the appropriate way to ask her a question.  To the Students she was  reading to she could be a friend to talk to, a Parent to learn from, a big Sister to share with, and the fun Aunt to make you laugh. Sometimes all at the same time. Everything was possible if it meant one more Student would want to open a book. Whether it was having a day time pajama party, or dressing up as the "Cat in the Hat"  she made reading  an adventure that should be fun and shared.
 While her physical presence will be missed, her smile, and joy will be remembered. Nikki's spirit will continue every time a Parent encourages their Children with " I think you should try reading this one." Or when in the middle of a page a laugh and a smile would burst out of the reader because of the enjoyment  that was made possible by opening a book.

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