Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Bogota Community Garden

    Earlier in April the Bogota Community Garden opened for its 2017 growing season. This   will be the second growing season for the Bogota Community Garden.  The garden was opened in 2017 as a joint effort of Bogota Beautiful and the Borough of Bogota Environmental Commission.  The goal of the Bogota Community Garden is to offer a space where resident of Bogota can have access to a plot of land to grow their own items.  These have ranges from flowers, to vegetables and herbs. Membership in the Bogota Community Garden is open to resident of Bogota for their personal use.  Deadline to rent a planter Box will be the last week in May-2017. Planting beds still available for rental at a cost is $30 for an 6 ft x 4ft space.
  On Saturday-6-May the Community Garden will start work on the expansion of the current garden. They plan to add 4 more raise planting beds to bring the total to 20. This will require the garden to increase by six feet  along the west side of the garden and by eighteen feet towards the north side. This will allow the garden to have two rows of 10  planting beds each.  The Garden also is seeking to add a number of support structures such as a tool shed, compost area and benches. They are looking for volunteers to assist with the construction of the new space.  Another new feature will be the Bogota Volunteer Fire Dept will be permitted to fill the rain barrels if the supply of water begins to run low. 
    Anyone wishing to reserve at planter for themselves, or as a group should contact the  Bogota Community Garden at: for information on reserving a bed, and  to learn about the requirement will be to be a part of the garden.

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