Monday, April 17, 2017

Wonder Wear


   On Saturday-15-April Bogota Graduate Amanda Daurio  hosted an information event to display her new company Wonder Wear Studios. This is a service that will provide interactive entertainment for children's birthday parties.  What the company provides is item ranging from T-Shirts & Backpacks, to Sunglasses & other items that can be customized by the children who are guest at a party. Wonder Wear will also provided all the materials and guidance for the guest to create special items for themselves to take home.  This event was held at the picnic pavilion in Olsen Park. Ms Daurio was assisted by members of the National Honor Society from Bogota High School, and other former classmates. The older Student instructed the younger ones, which ranged from Pre-School Students to middle Elementary School age Students on the different techniques to decorate their items. Some of the younger Students started by simply watching the older Student add designs to the merchandise. After a while they were encouraged to try it for themselves while the High Schoolers stayed closed to offer assistants if needed. Other Students simply found what they wanted and started to create on their own, with help available if needed.  A few of the Parent also took the opportunity to be creative with their own Children showing how this service can be entertaining for the Adults as well.
   There was music provided so the Children could take a moment to dance , or sing while their project dried. When most of the items were complete, those who decorated  a backpack used them to gather Easter Eggs at end of the day.
   Wonder Wear Studios is a concept of Ms. Daurio's to provide a creative form of entertainment for Children Parties, Birthday, Graduation, or other special events, along with Summer Camps, or Day Schools looking of an activity which will allow children to be creative and grow their imagination. Her company is using seed money for the Montclair State  to assist their Students to create new business opportunities.  For more information about Wonder Wear Studios, or to book and event please contact them at:

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