Friday, January 19, 2018

Board of Education

 On Tuesday the Bogota Board of  Education held its second regular meeting for the month of January. Notable agenda items approved was a contract to install a heating and air condition system for the Media Centre in Bixby school. Another budget item was the changing of order equipment for the High School Weight room.  The refund from the old order will cover the cost of the new order, with no additional funding require .
   After the Board members return from their Executive Session, it was announced that Trustee Jo-Ellen Granquist had offer her letter of resignation from the Board of Education. Her letter was read aloud by Board President Lisa Kohles.  Ms. Granquist request was approved by a unanimous vote and is effective imitatively. Ms. Granquist will be entering a position at the Bogota High School within the month.
  The deadline to apply  to fill the one year seat as a Trustee is the beginning of February. The qualifications needed are  the applicant must be a U.S.  Citizen and a resident of Bogota, NJ, along with the ability to read and write. The Board of Education will host an interview meeting at the Board meeting on Tuesday-12-February. 
  This meeting will be on Tuesday -6-February and scheduled to start at 7:00p. This will take place in the High School Cafeteria located on the second floor of the High School at 2 Henry Luthin pl. Bogota, NJ This meeting is open to the public.

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