Monday, January 22, 2018

Steen Geography Bee

  On Friday  Steen School held their annual Geography Bee. This was done in accordance with the National Geographic Society to promote knowledge of the countries and regions of the Plant Earth. The Steen competition had 12 Students from  the 4th to 6st grade, with two Students from each class. The event was moderated by Ms Schwind and judged by Mr Rochford. The Students were either asked a question of their own to answer, or had questions asked to the group were they needed to write down the answers. The questions were of general knowledge of the United States and North America.  A Student would be eliminated after giving two incorrect answers.  This would continue until there was two Students left in the competition.  As the Students answered  the question some had Classmates,  in attendance cheer them on with every correct answer.  Every one in attendance also encouraged all the competitors during the event. At the end of the opening rounds Makayla and Lucas were the two remaining Students, and move into the final round. This round would start with contestants being asked the same three questions. The question would be asked one at a time , and they needed to  write their answers down. After the third question was answered it was Lucas who had answered the most question correctly and named the 2018 Steen Geography Bee Champion.

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