Saturday, January 27, 2018

Trivia Night

    On Thursday-26-January the Bogota Public library hosted it's Trivia Night with Mr. Rowland. On this evening there was enough contestant to field five teams.  The players were tested on their knowledge of a variety of subjects. The categories ranged general knowledge, current  & historical events. Along with popular culture & entertainment and other topics. The basic scoring was ten points for each correct answer. However, if the first team asked failed to give the correct answer the next team could answer the question and would receive an additional ten points if they answered correctly. Points would be added, with 50 being the maximum this evening. Question were asked directly to each team, or by use of a map to identify a location. There were some questions that contestants need to watch a video clip and a series of questions would asked based on what was seen. At the end of the evening each team could wager the accumulated points they have earned based on the category of the question they will be asked. Teams could double their Points, or lose everything with single answer.
  The next Trivia Night will be announced at a future date.

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