Monday, January 15, 2018

Lunch Date

   On Tuesday-8-January Alyssa Ramirez  of Bixby School had a chance to shared her lunch time with  Physical Education Teacher Marc Sinclair. Miss Ramirez had chosen Coach Sinclair as her pick as one of the Bixby Teachers she most wanted to have some extra time with. Her Family had won the "Lunch with a Teacher" that was one of the prizes in the Bixby Raffle night earlier in the school year. Several Teachers had agreed to be available to any Student that had the winning ticket. The two spent their lunch in the Conference room, sharing McDonald's  meal which, Coach Sinclair kindly provided. The two  then spent time together and talking over lunch.
    When Miss Ramirez was asked about what she wanted her future to included, she started with the desire to become a pastry chief and even provided some home made cookies to go with the meal. She also said she is interested in the field of Nanotechnology, so she could aid other in the medical field. They also liked the time talking about Soccer and Football, and Alyssa told Coach Sinclair that she enjoyed being apart of the safety program this year.
   Mr. Sinclair felt honoured to be the first Teacher selected in this program. When he was asked about what other career he might have had, Mr Sinclair talked about either being a Sports Journalist, or Physical Therapist. This showed that the two of them had some similar interests in being creative, and the desire to help other have better lives.
  Both thanked the Bixby  PTO and Tricia Miraldi for including this prize in the Bixby Raffle night, They also thanked Bixby Principal Mr Damion Englese for allowing the two to share their lunch time together.

photo courtesy of Antoinette Ramirez 

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