Thursday, January 18, 2018

203 Queen Anne Rd

   On Tuesday-16-January work crews started the demolition of the structure at 203 Queen Anne Rd in Bogota.  This property has been vacant for over 17 years, and its owner have had foreclosed on a number of years since.  The lot itself was rezoned for construction of a four unit condominium, but no further action was taken on that plan.  While in bank ownership Borough taxes were paid, along with any fines, or summons that incurred during that ntime.  Bogota Code enforcement officer Nick Barese used an new policy of Vacant and Abandoned Property registration to give the current  owner options of use for the property. The owner had the choice of repair, rehabilitation, or removal of the structure.  The demolition option was the one was implemented, with the reason it would be the most cost effective for the owner. Once the necessary regulations, the removal of any asbestos, rodent control, and all unities turned off and sealed permits were issued for the demolition process to begin.  This process was able to be quickly moved forward by with the assistance of Borough Administer  Joseph Scarpa. Which allowed for the demolition to take place in a more timely manner
   Then after over 100 years since the house was built, including 17 of those year it was  left vacant  the time for change had arrive. With crews still needing to wait one more week due to weather conditions the structure was taken down in less than two hours. The debris will be cleared, the old foundation removed and the lot level the following day as weather will permit.
  Any new development will still need to recieve approval of the Bogota planing Board.

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