Monday, April 16, 2018

Bogota Community Garden

   On Saturday-14-April the Bogota Community Garden officially opened for the 2018 growing season. They signed-up some growers from last year as well a few first time renter. A 4'x6' planting bed is available for $50.00, two beds may be rented for $75.00 if paid for at the time of signing up. The planting beds are only fulled with a limited amount of soil. Anyone wishing to rent a planting bed may plant flowers, vegetables, or herbs as they see fit. Any products used in the garden must be of an organic nature, and each renter must maintain their planters in a neat and clean manner. Renters also must help maintain the look and upkeep of the Community Garden as a whole. The Garden does proved rain barrels which are the source of proving water for the gardeners. These barrel will be fill, as needed, by members of the Bogota Volunteer Fire Dept. There is a tool shed for any small tools a gardens wishes to  store for personal use. A composting area to recycle seed free organic material and recycling bins for glass or plastic items. All other trash must be removed by the gardener at the end of their work time there. 
   The Bogota Community Garden has 20 raised planting beds. By the middle of the event 11 of them have been rented for 2018. One such bed is being taking by the members of the Bogota Police Dept. FOP. union. This bed, and starters materials, will be donated to anyone by the FOP to anyone who wishes to have a garden but may not be able to fully fiance it. Please contact a member of the Bogota  Police FOP union for more details. 
   At this event Nancy Guaman of, the Bogota based, Guaman Gardens gave a presentation on how to start planting in ones home. She also explained what material can be used that will give the seedling a start using natural products. Ms. Guaman gave instructions and hints on the best way to prepare the new growth for replanting in an outdoor garden. 
   For more on reserving  a planter for this years growing season and  to learn about the requirement will be to be a part of the garden should contact the  Bogota Community Garden at: .
  For more gardening assistance please contact Nancy Guaman at: or by email at 

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( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local stories & sports

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