Friday, April 6, 2018

Bogota Council Meeting

  On Thursday--5-2018 The Bogota Borough Council held their first meeting for the month of April. At this meeting the Council approved the written approved of the resolution of the acceptance of the retirement of Bogota Police Captain James Sepp from the Thursday -1-March meeting. Captain Sepp  officially retired from the Bogota Police Dept. on 30-March 2018  after 28 years as a member of the Bogota Police Dept. 
   Some agenda items that were passed was a  contact for the Bogota Swim Club to operate the Bogota Municipal pool for the next two years.
   One ordinance that was not approved was Multi-purpose bond. This bond may included such items as a replacement Fire Truck for Hose Co. #2, Safety equipment for the Bogota Police Dept, vehicles for the  Dept of Public works and the  Bogota Rescue Squad and the repairing of sidewalks and street in the Borough. This did not recieve the four yes votes needed to pass.
  In Council reports, Councilman Frank Miranda talked about the positive work the Bogota Board of Education is  doing to move forward on improving the safety of the Students, and Staff of the Bogota Public School. He mention at Board President Lisa Kohles is looking into a plan that would allow the Board to employ School Resource Officers to over see security in the schools. He ask that the Council set-up a committee to work with the Board of Education on this, and other safety upgrades for the schools. Mr. Miranda also presented other council member information on the search for a new Police Captain to replace James Sepp.
  After the Council's closed session a motion was made to reintroduce the previous Multi-purpose bond ordinance. This motion was unanimously approved and an ordinance, with the same wording as the previous Multi-purpose bond ordinance, will be open to a public hearing at the next council meeting which will take place on Thursday-19-April. This will take place in the Council Chamber located  in Borough Hall at 375 Larch Ave ( on the second floor). The meeting is schedule to start at 7:30p and is open to the public.

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( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local stories & sports
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