Sunday, April 22, 2018

Earth Day 2018

  On Saturday-21-April Bogota Beautiful sponsored their fourth annual clean-up day. Volunteers gathered at the picnic pavilion in Olsen Park to find out which areas of the Borough would be targeted for clean-up. They were placed into team,  given work gloves and other cleaning materials for this days project. One group was assigned to W. Main St to do a sweep up of the sidewalks there. And to refresh the planted  place along the sidewalk. First the Volunteers, unfortunately, still had to remove trash from the planter which are located just step from official trash cans.  Next they added more fresh soil while loosening the roots of the bushes to help with the growth. A layer of new, clean mulch was laid on top to bright the look. Then an assortment of annuals were planted to add colour along W. Main St. Then they swept and picked-up any trash on the street and sidewalk.
  The second group of Volunteers went to the railroad crossing at Ft. Lee Rd. There they removed trash, including old tires, from the public area of the crossing. They also cleaned up the sidewalks and small parking space at the foot of E. Ft. Lee rd. From there they move along W. Ft. Lee rd picking up trash and other debris. When they arrive at  W. Ft Lee rd and Larch ave. they were greeted with a large number of small and empty liquor bottles. With no trash can on any of the corners there, the bottles are just tossed to the ground. With some of them being glass, there were many broken ones that were on the sidewalks that lead to Bogart Pre-School and Steen School. The work crews carefully remove as many as possible and continued cleaning down to River rd.
  Another crew was assigned the task of removing trash from the creek along Elm ave at River rd. Intrepid Volunteers wadded into the stream to remove as much trash as possible. Some even ventures up the far side embankment to remove as much non-railroad debris as they could. With the heavy rains from the week before some item were higher up then normal and other buried in muddy condition.
  The final area worked on the the World War I memorial at River rd and W. Ft.Lee rd, near the Community Garden. Crews gathered old and fallen branches, old leaves and even more trash, in another area that has no near-by trash receptacles. Volunteers also freshened up the flower bed of the memorial wall with new mulch and a few new plantings. They also swept the pathway from the sidewalk to the memorial and readjusted any of the spot lights as needed.
   All the debris from the clean-up area were placed into bags and set aside for the Bogota DPW to pickup  on there daily rounds. This is just one project of Bogota Beautiful projects that tries to benefit the Borough by encouraging resident and local groups to work together for a better Bogota. This and other efforts of the Environmental Commission has aided to the help earn Bogota a 17th year as a Tree City community as announced by Councilwoman Daniele Fede  at the most recent  Council meeting. 
  For more information  on volunteering for any of these project. To join Bogota Beautiful as a Active, or Prospective member, or to donate to help Bogota Beautiful please visit their website at :  or email them at:  

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                                                                        W. Main St

                                                                              Ft Lee rd

                                                               Elm ave at River rd

                                                              World War I Memorial

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