Thursday, October 18, 2018

Bogota Beautiful

18- October-2018
 On Wednesday-17-October Bogota Beautiful held their public meeting for October. Some item decided on was that they will have a table at the Bogota Fall Festival on Saturday-27- October. The will have information about what they do for Bogota and upcoming Bogota Beautiful project. Will will also have Bogota Booooo-tiful candy bags available with a suggested donation of $1.00. They are looking for volunteer to help them in Olsen Park. The Fall Festival will run form 1:00p-4:00p in Olsen Park.

  They will also be doing their yearly fall planter clean up on W.Main St. This will take place on Sunday-21-October starting at 11:00a. They are looking for volunteers to assist them in cleaning out the W.Main St planters and preparing them for the colder months.
  To volunteer for either project  please visit their website at:  or email them at: 

   Another project they will be cooperating with is the Bogota Public Library's Cupcake Wars event. This will take place on Saturday-3-November at 1:30p. This will have group of students competing to see who can make the most interesting decorations on cupcakes. Bogota Beautiful is supporting this as another event for  community unity. The Library is looking for volunteers to help with this event and donation of cake decorating supplies. Please contact Tom Skrnich at  for more information.
   For more information  on volunteering for any Bogota Beautiful project. Or to join Bogota Beautiful as a Active, or Prospective member, and  to donate to help Bogota Beautiful please visit their website at :  or email them at: 
  The next Bogota Beautiful will be on Wednesday 21-November. This will be held at the Kennedy Emergency Services Building located at 69 W. Main St Bogota, NJ starting at 7:30p. And is open to the Public
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