Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Kids running

   On Sunday-14 October  the final session of the Bogota Healthy Kids Running took place. The runners gathered one more time at Feigel Field in Bogota to challenge the clock , and themselves in measured distances. Students ranging in age from 2 years to Middle School aged Students who took part in a series of running events. The races started with 50 and 75 yard  dashes for the Preschool Students. Then with each age level the distances increased.  The Kindergarten and First Grade Students ran a 1/4 Mile around the football field.  The 1/2 Mile run for the 2nd & 3rd Student circumnavigated  both the football field and adding the baseball diamond to the circuit. The oldest Students face a mile run which was 2 1/2 laps around the full circuit.  The young runner where assisted by members of the Bogota Cross Country squads. The High School Students gave advice on how to warm-up for a race, and also ran alongside the competitors. They gave encouragement and inspiration during the run. 
  On the first Race day the times were to set a base  time for each Student, many of who ran such distants for the first time. The only opposition the runners had to face then the unusually warm September afternoon. This day was to show the participates how much they have improved over the last five weeks.  Each sessions times were recorded and compared against themselves to show any improvement they made.  After the last race for the Students was completed, there was a race for the Parents to take part in.  The Adults now ran the 1 mile course around Feigel Field as their Children cheered them on.  

   When all the races were finished, and some healthy snacks were eaten everyone moved to the bleechers on the north side of the field.  All the Students runners who completed the five week course were presented metals for their accomplishment.  The runners who showed the most improvement in the time were awarded trophies for their achievement.  One Student received the Healthy Kid Award. This was  won by Maddox Veloz who show a special  devotion to not only competing in the races, but also displayed an enthusiastic attitude to running and trying to improve with each race. 
  Race organizer Zabrina Kearns  thanked all the Students and Families who attended for the last five weeks. The Bogota Board of Education for the use of Feigel Field. The Bogota Recreation Commission who assisted with the arrangements. She also thanked Cross Country Coach Pat Rochford, and the members of the Bogota Cross Country Squad for volunteering their time to teach and encourage the young runners. 
   Ms.Kearns is planning another Running series in the Spring. For more information please contact  Zabrina Kearns at: hkrsbogota@gmail.com or at 201-970-0335 

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Second & Third Grades

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