Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Bogota Preschool

   On Tuesday-30-October the Bogota Board of Education held an open information session about the districts new preschool program. This was lead by Samuel Chiang  on behalf the Board of Education. Lourdes Abbate, from Trinity Lutheran School, served as a translator for Spanish speaking adults and Ann Lepore-Timpone representing Bogart school. 
    Starting on Wednesday-2-January-2019 the Bogota Board of Education will have an all day preschool for resident of Bogota. The Bogota public School District has received a grant to offer pre-school classes for Students ages 3 & 4 who are full time resident of Bogota. There will be no cost to the family, as it will now become part of the Bogota Public School System. The program will start with a limited number of spaces available, and the School District will hold a lottery on which Students will be accepted. There will be priority for Student aged 4 by Oct. 1-2018.
  The first year of this program classes will be held in 3 different locations. One Class will be in Steen School, One will be held in Trinity School, with two classes held in Bogart School.  Special education self contained preschool  program will continue to be at Bixby.  Classroom assignment of registered students in district will be based on geographic location.  The Board of Education will work to develop a convenience location and drop-off/pick up schedule. 
   Mr. Chiang said that there will 45 spaces available for this first year. 12 of those spaces will be set aside for Special Needs Students.  The maximum number of Students in any one class will be 15 with 3 space for Special Needs Students. The preschool will follow the current Public school Calendar , and daily schedule. A class day will be 6 hours from 8:30a to 2:30p with a lunch break.  The Pre-school will be using the Creative Curriculum style of teaching which: highlights the important balance between applying a general knowledge of child development with the particular knowledge a teacher gains by forming a relationship with each child and family.
  The Classes being taught at Trinity and Bogart will use the current Teachers at those school. The class for Steen will be a new hire, as well as a Master Teacher that will oversees all four classes. All current and new Teachers will be accredited to teach in New Jersey. 
   The Bogota Pre-School will not provided and after care program, or any Religious  classwork. Both of this may be obtain at  Trinity and Bogart at the Parents cost.
  They will be accepting applications at the Board Office until Friday-16- November.  Placement of those Student accepted will be done on Monday-26- November. Families will be notified on Tuesday-27- November. Classes will start after the School District holiday break with the first day being .
   Lottery application are now available and will continue until Friday-16-November. Application are available at the Board of Education offices located at 1 Henry Luthin Pl. Completed application must be return to the Board of Education before Friday-16-November. 
   For more information or question please visit their website at: or by calling 201-441-4800 ext 1009

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( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with its coverage of Local stories & sports

 please contribute  at: donate to Bogota Blog NJ )   

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