Thursday, October 4, 2018

Bogota Cross Country

   On Wednesday-3- October the Bogota Cross Country Bucs competed  against Hawthorne Christian Academy, Saddle River Day School , and Bergen Arts Charter School at the Darlington Park Race Course. 
   The Lady Bucs runners would beat Hawthorne Christian Academy and Saddle River Day School, with Bergen Arts not fielding a womans squad. Bogota woud place runners in for of the top five positions against the Lady Defenders. Angeli Jaipersaud,  and Gabrielle Grant would finish First and Second. Ashley  Gomez, and Natalie Hardwick would place 4th & 5th. Against Saddle River Day School Bogota would sweep the five top spots.  Angeli Jaipersaud would lead the squad with Gabrielle Grant, Ashley  Gomez,  Natalie Hardwick, and Aisling O'Hagan following. . Their record is 9-0 
  The Men's race  Bogota would sweep all three races winning all five of the top places.   Jesus Michel would finish first with  Dylan LeMay,  Vincent Ducut, Jimmy Gutierrez,  and  Mauricio Valerio following. Their record is now 9-0
  Bogota next runs in the  Brett Taylor Invitational  on Saturday-6-October. This will be held  at  the Darlington Park  race course with a scheduled start 9:00a

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