Saturday, April 18, 2020

Bogota Council Meeting

  On Thursday-16-April the Bogota Borough Council held their only Council meeting for the Month of April. This was a virtual meeting available on Zoom and by phone. Due to technical difficult there was limited access to the meeting.  
 Some points discuss was the available of public access to Borough Hall. The Public is still prohibited from entering the building, as a safety precaution.  The Local Government offices will be working on a three day schedule. These days are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
hours may also be reduced. Please call 201-342-1736, or visit the Borough website at:
  Another point of discussion was the possibility of looking for a new location of the planned Community Centre. Site testing at the original location found evidence of trash disposal.  This situation may force the need of an environmental  clean-up before any new constriction could be performed.   
  All agenda items were passed 
  The next Council meeting is schedule for Thursday-7-May schedule to start at 7:30p . Location and access of this meeting will be announced at a later date.

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