Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Bogota Board of Education

  On Tuesday-28-April the Bogota Board of Education held its meeting for the Month of April. The meeting started with a moment of silence to remember every effective during the current situation. 
 The Superintendent Damien Kennedy gave his Superintendents report. Some points he made was this during this time that the custodians  have been using this time to perform basic maintenance, deep cleaning , and adding a fresh coat of paint to all school buildings. It was also announced that while the schools are closed about 400 Chromebooks and 20 Hotspots have been distributed to those Students who needed them. The Board of Education is providing help with internet access, to use this service please email:
Superintendent Kennedy also said that the "Grab & Go" lunch program is continuing and is open to All Bogota Students 18 years old and younger. These are available from 10:00a to 12:00 noon. The meals can be picked up at the Student Drop-off in front of the High School.  The School District's IT department will make arrangements
 Superintendent Kennedy then gave the Budget presentation for the 2020-21 budget. After the presentation he explain the goals of the the original. He then proposed a new budget to replace the first one approved by Bergen County. This new budget has a requests of a larger withdraw of the Capital Reserve fund. This will include the upgrades of infrastructure, security, and other site improvements that was on the first budget. Another item added to the new budget was a line to fund land acquisition for possible classroom expansion. This new budget will have a 0% tax increase to the resident of the Borough. This was passed by unanimous vote. To see the presentation please go to: https://www.bogotaboe.com2020-21 budget
    Then the board moved to focus on the agenda. Some of more noteworthy items on the agenda was to accept the resignation of Elementary School teachers Alyssa Spector and Susan Harris. Another item that was past was the agreement to continue to combined Wresting programs for Bogota and Ridgefield Park High Schools.  All item on the agenda were past. 
 The next Board of Education meeting is scheduled for  Tuesday-12-May. At this time it is planned to be a virtual meeting on zoom. Details on how to access this meeting will be announced at a later date. Updates and announcements from the Bogota Board of Education will be available at: 
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