Thursday, April 2, 2020

Teaneck Board of Education

   On Wednesday-1-April the Teaneck Board of Education held their Workshop meeting for April. This was a virtual meeting that was live streamed on Zoom. To see the entire meeting please go to:  and click on the 1-April meeting. 
   At the start of the meeting Superintendent Dr. Christopher Irving gave updated information about the start of Virtual Classroom for Districts Students. He said that beginning on Monday-13-April all grades from First to 12th will be using Google Classroom.  For Middle School Students to High School Seniors a typical day will have one class from 9:00a to 11:00a. A second class that day will be from 1:00p to 3:00p. There will be a mid-day break for teacher preparation. 
  For grades 1 to 4 the day will be a morning session for an hour and a half and an Afternoon session also 1 1/2 hours.  Friday will be an evaluation day for all grades.  Pre-school and Kindergarten grades Parent will have online access to activates for their Students, that not be on Google Classroom. 
  This Friday-3-April schedules will be sent to Parent of when individual classes will online. Over the Spring break Chrome books and Wi-Fi hotspots will be available for pick-up at Teaneck High School.  Pick-up schedule for each school will also be sent out on Friday-3-April. This information will be sent out by email or an “e-mail blast”
  After Dr. Irving’s remarks time was taken to remember a couple of former Board Members who had passed away in March.
   The meeting continued with some Trustees mentioning that groups have been seen using the track at the High School.  There was small group walking together. But there were also larger groups in close proximity to each other.  It was also observed that some of the equipment for the Track & Field was also being used. Dr. Irving said he would like to keep the field open so resident had a place to exercise. He felt signage should be added to remind anyone using the field, and to keep the proper distance from one other.  Along with all the equipment should be put in storage, after being cleaned. The Board agreed with this. 
  The Board then discussed the resolutions on the agenda. Two resolutions were voted on, and passed. These were the approvals needed in order to allow the district to accept the energy saving guaranty offer by the Energy Systems Group  (ESG) for the implementation of the Energy Savings  Plan (ESP)  for the Teaneck Schools. The other resolution approved was to allow Energy Systems Group to develop an Energy Savings Plan pursuant to the ESP  Law.  A portion  of  the annual energy savings are projected to be received from  a solar power purchase  agreement.  All other resolution will be voted on at the Regular Public meeting and Budget Hearing scheduled for Wednesday-29-April.
  One other item was discussed, this focused on the New Jersey Assembly Bill #3902. This bill would allow a delay  in Quarterly property tax payments to local school districts.  The resolution  discussed cites that this delay would cause financial hardships on New Jersey Schools as they are still engaged with remote learning and home instruction.  The Trustees did not vote on it at this meeting and may reconsider it at the next meeting. Dr. Irving mention that he will  be discussing this matter with the Teaneck Township Manager over the tax payment that are needed to be made to the Board of Education in the near future. 
   The next Board of education meeting is schedule for Wednesday-29-April. The Board is planning on having this meeting also be live streamed, and be a part of a teleconference.
  Updates and announcements from the Teaneck Board of Education will be available

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