Friday, April 3, 2020

Mayor Fosdick's update.

 On Friday-3-April the Village of Ridgefield Park's Mayor George Fosdick gave an update on the current health situation.  This was broadcast on the Ridgefield Park Office of Emergency Management's facebook page. 
This can be seen at:
  Some of the main points Mayor Fosdick made was to announced that the election for the Board of Commissioners scheduled on Tuesday-12-May-2020 will take place with mail-in ballots only.  This is by order New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. The Bergen County Board of Election will mail to all register voter in Ridgefield Park by Friday-24-April. Completed ballots must be mailed back, and postmarked by Tuesday-12-May in order to be eligible to count.
 Another point made was meeting schedule for the Village Government. Both the Caucus meeting on Thursday- 9 & 23 -April and Regular meeting on Tuesday-14 & 28-April will be held by teleconference.  To take part in these meeting please call 978-990-5000 using code: 331392. The Caucus meetings are schedule to begin at 7:00p, with the Regular meetings starting at 7:30p
  Mayor Fosdick also announced that all Village Parks will remain open for walking only. And that all Bergen County will remain closed at all time.  One final item he mention was that anyone, when possible to self transport to any medical facility as needed. Resident who self transport will ease the burden on the Local police, Fire, and Ambulance personnel in the area.  
  More information can be found at the Village  website at :

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