Thursday, April 23, 2020

Virtual Yoga

  On Wednesday-22- April  the Bogota Public Library held a virtual chair yoga class. This was taught by Lynn Demetrakis, and was available on zoom.  Ms. Demetrakis led those who participated through a number of posses that could be done while seating down. An armless chair was preferred, but any type of furniture that allowed an ease of movement was acceptable.  She started by showing how to be aware of ones breathing, in order to control the both inhaling & exhaling.  Ms. Demetrakis also wanted the class to focus on their posture, which aided in both breathing and movement.  She displayed a  number of posses that would build flexibility and over time would also increase the  strength of the muscles used.   
 After each pose the participant were asked to take the time to notice their breathing as they progressed during the half hour of class time.  Towards the end of the session  Ms. Demetrakis  wanted to honour the fact is was Earth Day.  Since not everyone was going to outside and hug a tree, she showed a different type of way to celebrate. She preformed a sitting tree pose and adapted that to let the class give themselves a hug to promote health and well being. 
 The session ended with a Mettha Meditation, or Loving Kindness
May all beings be happy
May all beings be healthy 
May all beings be safe
May all beings be  at ease and at peace  
 The next virtual chair yoga class will be held on Wednesday-6-May, and again on Wednesday-20-May. The start time will be approximately at 4:00p. This will also be available on zoom, but will have their own code into to participate.
  To access this event please login the Library's website at:  . Then you must register  for the class, you will receive the login one hour before the start of any Zoom event.  At registration please check the box by Bogota Blog to signified you learned about this event on Bogota Blog NJ.

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