Friday, April 17, 2020


 Some recent updated have been announced.  On Thursday-16-April New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy extended the school closings in New Jersey to at least Friday-15-May. Bogota Public Schools Superintendent Mr. Damien Kennedy announced that the Board of Education meeting originally planned for  Tuesday-21-April has been postponed. The next meeting on Tuesday-28-April is still on the schedule. This will be a virtual meeting starting at 7:00p. Details on logging in will follow.  Superintendent Kennedy earlier in the week announced that Families without home computers, or internet service are eligible to use a Board of Education Chromebook for the duration of the school closings. To apply please go to:  The Students name, grade,and school must be sent in to receive a chromebook. Also if any chromebook  is not performing fully please contact the Board of Education at the same email address. For education guides resources and general introduction please go to: and type in the class code.
  All Students under 18 years old are eligible for a free grab and go lunch. These are available in from of Bogota high School (at the Student drop-off area)
Tech Support: Tech support for parents will also be available moving forward. Parents can now email​if they are having trouble with online instruction or access. Sending out a request will allow us to get in touch with you as soon as possible. Below are the directions to request tech support help.
 1. Send an email to
2. Subject: student full name, grade, school
3. Body: technology issue, name of guardian, good phone number 
In addition, we have updated our COVID-19 site​with more video tutorials for parents on online learning tools in English and Spanish. 
Chromebooks/Internet: For those families without computers or internet access, please email the following three pieces of information to​to arrange a pick-up. 
1. Student(s) name
2. Grade(s)
3. School(s).
4. Phone number 
Grading: A grading committee has been formed to address online grading expectations moving forward. The finished product is expected next week and we will share that with everyone when it is complete. With that being said, we understand that this is not an ideal situation for everyone involved and all outside factors will be taken into consideration. We will not be looking for a gotcha moment but will focus on providing meaningful feedback and support to our students. I know that everybody would rather be in their classrooms but unfortunately, we can not do that at this time. 
Stay safe: Please follow all of the guidelines to remain healthy as we work through the challenges presented by this pandemic. Please visit​for more information.
If you are having any type of trouble please do not hesitate and reach out to me by phone (201) 441-4800 x 1001 or by email at I will do my best to help in any way that I can. As always stay safe and remain positive. Hope to see everyone soon!!!! 

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