Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Mayor George Fosdick Update

 On Monday-4-May the Village of Ridgefield Park’s Mayor George Fosdick gave an update on the current health situation.  This was broadcast on the Ridgefield Park Office of Emergency Management’s facebook page. It can be seen at:   https://www.facebook.com/rppdnj/videos
   At the start of his remarks Mayor Fosdick remembered Ridgefield Park police Sgt (ret) Phil McEntee and all other victims of the Covid -19 virus. Next Mayor Fosdick again stated that the election for the Board of Commissioners scheduled on Tuesday-12-May-2020 will take place with mail-in ballots only. This is by order New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. He continued saying that every register voter should have received their mail in ballot . If they had not received a ballot they must contact the Bergen County Board of Election Clerk  by phone at 201-336-7020.  Ballots may be filled out and mail back at anytime.  Completed ballots must be mailed back, and postmarked by Tuesday-12-May in order to be eligible to count.  Bergen County Board of Election must count all ballots received within 48 hours from the typical closing of the polls. This means all ballots must be with the Board of Election by Thursday-14-May in order to be counted.  Ballots received after that time will not be eligible to be counted. In the past the certification has been completed approximately  seven days after the election. This year it would Tuesday-19-May, which would then allow the new Board of Commissioners to be seated. This date may change in response to the certification process.
   Then Mayor Fosdick said that also confirmed that the deadline to pay all local property taxes has been  extended to Monday-1-June-2020 without penalty.  On Tuesday-2-June-2020 the penalties of 8% on payment under $1500.00 and 18% over $1,500.00 will occur. The Village will accept cash payments as well as on-line, check, and credit card payments. The cash payments will need to made at the Municipal Building using the front door. This will run front from 8:30a to 2:00p  on regular business days. 
   He then said the next meeting schedule for the Village Government will be a combined Caucus  and Regular meeting on Thursday-7-May scheduled to start at 7:00p. This will  also be held by teleconference.  To take part in these meeting please call 978-990-5000 using code: 331392. Mayor Fosdick also reminded the resident that the 2020 U.S. census  is still being taken and urge everyone to fill out, by mail or on line, their forms. He reported only 55%  have responded. Then it was announced that all parks in the Village are open for visitors with limited parking for walking, jogging or biking. Also the running track at the High School has been reopened, but with the same distance restrictions in effect.
  Mayor Fosdick reminded the residents that there are volunteers available to anyone who needs some assistance. This would include even everyday task such as picking and the delivery of grocery or other chores to anyone who wishes to stay at home. To access this service, or to volunteer their time to help please call the Ridgefield Park Office of Emergency Management at 201-440-2570. 
   There was also an announced at Bergen County will begin  mobile testing units. The Mayor has inquired that the Village of Ridgfield Park be eligible to be included as a site for one of these unit. A decision on where these units will be place will be announced at a later date. The FEMA testing site at Bergen Community College is scheduled to close on Sunday-31-May. The Bergen County site at the New Bridge  Medical Center is still open by a Doctors’ prescription only.
  More information can be found at the Village  website at :  https://www.ridgefieldpark.org/

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