Wednesday, May 13, 2020

2020 Municipal elections

  Tuesday-12-May -2020 was the final day to have mail-in ballots postmarked in order to be counted for the 2020 Municipal Elections in Ridgefield Park and Teaneck. Election results will not be officially release before Thursday-14-May-2020, all ballots must be received at the Bergen County Board of Elections on, or before, this date. Official results will be announced after they are certified by the Board of Elections. 
  In the Village of Ridgefield Park Municipal Election all five seats for the Board of Commissioners where on the ballot. There are ten candidate vying for the five seats available on the board this year. The top five candidates receiving the most votes will win a seat on the Board. The seating of this years Board of Commissioners will take place after the election is certified. Normally this if one week after the poles have closed, but no date has been announced at this time.  After the Commissioners have been sworn in, they will then elect a next Mayor for Ridgefield Park from one of the five Commissioners. 
   In the Township of Teaneck  there are six candidate vying for the three seats on the council available this year. The top three candidate receiving the most votes will win a seat on the Council. The Township’s Re-organization meeting  schedule for Wednesday-1- July-2020.  After the three elected members of Council are sworn in, the seven members of Council will then elect the next Mayor of Teaneck and two Deputy Mayors.
   Unofficially, as of 10:30p on Tuesday-12-May, in Ridgefield Park 7,295 votes have been counted. This would represent between 60-65%  of the voting age resident of the Village. In Teaneck 16,105 votes have been counted, approximately 55% of the voting age resident of the Township. All voting results are unofficial until they are certified by the Bergen County Board of Elections. 

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