Thursday, May 21, 2020

Teaneck Township Council

   On Tuesday-19 May the Township of Teaneck held their Council meeting for the month of May. To start the meeting there was a moment of silence for the victim of covid-19, then three resident of  Teaneck were talked about by Township  Manager Dean Kazinci. The Men recognized were  Mr.Louis Kahn, Mr. Walter Distler,  and Mr.Edward Courtney.  This was followed by a Proclamation of offer thanks and respect to all essential workers in Teaneck and across the Country. Then there was a Proclamation making Thursday-4-June Tourette Syndrome Awareness Day. After the Proclamation was read into the record the Student who aided bringing this to the Council attention to  created this Awareness Day was asked to speak about his experiences in having Tourette. There was also a Proclamation to have a  Remembrance of the Victims of the Armenian Genocide.
  During the Council listed Items a proposal that was introduced was to expand the 25 MPH speed limit to internal street within the Township boundaries. This will further discussed at future meeting.  There was also the idea to create a Memorial to remember the victims  of covid-19. It was agreed to perform further research this project.  After Citizens Comments members of the Governing Body answered the Public. Some of the answers was to explain that the construction on the Cedar Lane bridge is a County and CSX railway project with the Township having no authority over the scheduling.  The placement of a Pride flag will be located on the Municipal Green, but away from the Veterans Memorial flag pole. Another was that the discussion on the Community Garden is pending, along with the Tennis Courts and Farmers should be open soon.
   The Council then voted on the 2020 Municipal Budget was adopted by unanimous vote. This was followed by the introduction of the 2020 Cedar Lane Special Improvement District Budget.  The Cedar Lane Special Improvement District has its own governing body which is authorized to set their on budget, expensive, and specific tax rates for members of the Special Improvement District. This still needs to have the approval by the Township Council. This was adopted by unanimous vote.  Next the Council pass the Consent agenda, one of the more noteworthy resolutions that was passed was to award the contract for the Votee Park exercise stations.
  There was then the introduction of two ordinances. One was to allowed Houses of Worship, Schools and Child Care Centers will be allowed to erect protective fencing on their property. The introduction of both ordinances were approved and are moved to be voted on at a future Council meeting.
  It was also announced that a Memorial Day Commemoration Video will be air on Monday-25-May beginning at 10:00a which will be available on you tube and shared on other social media outlets. For more information, or to view this meeting please go to Township’s  meeting portal page at: meeting 
  The next Council meeting is schedule to be held on Tuesday-16-June by begin at 2:00p 

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