Monday, May 4, 2020

Bogota Tip Jar

Bogota Virtual Tip Jar

Help Support Service Industry Workers

Give Someone a Tip

Many of us would regularly be patronizing bars, salons, restaurants, and other businesses that have been ordered closed. Even if you are socially isolating, you can help to support our local service industry staff. Consider sending a "tip" to your favorite bartender, server, stylist, aestheticism. Use the form linked below to find their Venmo/Paypal info. Note that you can find service industry workers information using on the  Google Sheets  available on the link below. If you don't see your favorite service industry folks listed, encourage them to come and fill out the form (Service Industry Worker). Please circulate widely.

The information on this list is self-reported by members of the community and this information is provided "as is". Bogota Blog NJ does not monitor or verify accuracy of the information on this list, and makes no representations or warranties regarding this list. Individuals who wish to send a tip are encouraged to independently verify the legitimacy of the recipient of the tip.
Click Here to View Current Listings & Send a Tip

Get On the List

The Borough of Bogota has ordered all bars,  and other non-essential businesses to shutter. Restaurants and other food establishments must only offer Deliver or Take-out service. Many of our friends and neighbors depend on tips to make ends meet. This virtual tip jar is for local service industry staff - employees at bars, restaurants, salons, etc - to post your Venmo or Paypal information so that customers, neighbors, and Bogota community members can continue to support you. Please note: Any information you share will be made publicly available.
Service Industry Workers Click Here to Get on the List

This service will be constantly available  as a side panel on the Bogota Blog NJ homepage under Bogota Virtual Tip Jar

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