Friday, May 1, 2020

Ridgefield Park Board of Education

  On Wednesday-29-April the Ridgefield Park Board of Education held their Regular Board meeting for April. In her Superintendents report Dr. Angela Bender gave some quick updates.  One was the announcing that 1200 Chromebooks have been distributed to the Middle and High School Students to allow the online learning. Another was that Kindergarten registration can be done online for the next school year.  Also a change in the grading system for the rest of this school year  will be have three classifications. The Top level is Outstanding for Students scoring 85% or higher. Satisfactory for Students scoring between 84% -70%. And Needs Improvement for Students scoring under 69%. 
Dr. Bender also announced the creation of a new website at:

This will have link to Read-a-loud page, where teachers will read a book for Student to follow with. A Parent Resource page, and a Special Service page. 
  After Dr. Bender’s and the Monitors report  the 2020-21 School budget was discussed.  Some of the main points made was the hiring of a second nurse for the High School. This position would also be used to cover the other Schools in the District, if there regular  nurse could not be on duty that day. Other hires would be a full time Psychologist for the District. A new High School Math Teacher, and a new potion of Middle School Principal specifically for the seven & eight grade Students. There are a number of renovations included for all the Public Schools.  This budget is predicted to have a 1.17% tax increase for the next year.
  Then came voting on the agenda items. All resolutions were passed , most by unanous vote.  One item was past by a 5-4 vote that was the vote  on the job description in order to hire a new Middle School Principal.  Some of the more noteworthy resolutions were to accept the retirement of : Ms Cynthia Hammond as Secretary of the Ridgefield Park School District.  Ms. Rosemarie  McDermott as Administrative Assistant  to the Board Secretary. Ms. Maxine Lawrence as a School Counselor of the Ridgefield Park School District.  Ms. Georgia Psarros Special Education Teacher. Ms Terasa Luciano Elementary  School Teacher.
 The next Ridgefield Park Board of Education is scheduled for Wednesday-20-May starting at 7:00p. This should also be a virtual meeting with detail for access to follow
  For more information please visit their website at:

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