Friday, May 8, 2020

Class of 2020

   Bogota Blog NJ is offering two different ways to honor the graduating classes of 2020.  These will allow the Families of this years graduates to Honor the accomplishment of their Students. 
1) Have a personal photo session with The Photographer from Bogota Blog NJ, focusing on  the graduating Student and their family. This will take place at the graduate's place of residents, outside in two or more locations.  For the time being (for reasons of quarantine), this photo session can not take place in a public space.  The charge for this 20 - 30 minute session will be included with purchase of the photos, which will be made available on the Bogota Blog NJ  Zenfolio store. Any session running longer than 30 minutes will be charged extra for the the photographer's time.  A separate gallery will be set-up for each school (Bogota High School, E. Roy Bixby School, Lillian M. Steen School, and St. Joseph's Academy).

To Reserve, one of the few spots of time available, email me with two choices with your best availability.   The Photographer from Bogota Blog NJ is not permitted to use a personal phone, or camera to take photos

Please email:  for more information , or to make a reservation.

2) Another offer is a lawn sign announcing the graduating Student. This will be a single sided sign measuring 24"x 18" design time of 20 minutes is included as well as the"h" stake needed for your lawn.  
There are two versions available: 
 One with the Student name and school  with the graduating year. 
 One  with the Student name and school  with the graduating year, and two photos of the graduate. 
Prices of both versions at $20.00 per sign. Orders will be ready 48 Hours (business day) after approval of content. At this time payment can only be made by Check, or cash. 
When ordering a sign the correct spelling of the Student's is required. If a photo sign is order two photos must be sent, by email in a jpeg and portrait format. 

Please email:  for more information , or to order

                                                  Sample of lawn sign with photos

                                                  Sample of Lawn Sign with photos

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