Thursday, May 21, 2020

Bogota Borough Council

 On Thursday-21-May the Bogota Borough Council held their second meeting for the month of May. The main part of the meeting was to vote on the agenda items. All the resolution were passed, with almost all of them by an unanimous vote. On item had a Councilperson needing to recuse themselves from voting on that one item. A major resolution passed was the adoption of the 2020  Municipal Budget for Bogota.
   Some announced made in the Council reports included Mayor Kelemen saying Bogota is on the list to have a Mobile Testing Unit for covid-19 come to the Borough for a day. The exact time and date will be announced when  the mobile unit is scheduled. Other items discussed by the Mayor is that New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is considering allowing a lifting of restrictions that will allow Tennis Courts to be open. He added that Basketball Court, and the Playgrounds will still be closed for the near future. Mayor Kelemen added that the Borough is planning to open a Memory Wall for anyone affected by covid-19. This will be placed in Olsen Park and will allow resident of Bogota to leave names, or messages to remember any victim of the virus. This will be open to the public soon. Other announcement from Council Member included that the Bogota Swim Club Pool has been clean and is starting to be refilled for the upcoming season. Along with the Bogota Department of Public Work maintain the grounds. No official lifting of restriction on public pool has been announced by the State of New Jersey as yet.  Also a quick Spring clean up of the Planter on W.Main St. is planned. Along with the annual rabies clinic is planned for Saturday-6-June  from 10:00a to noon. This year a reservation is required for a specific time to allow for safety of the staff, and residents bringing their pets to be vaccinated.
    A Memorial Day message by Bogota Mayor Chris Kelemen can be seen on the Official Borough website at:
  The next Council meeting is schedule for Thursday-4-June schedule to start at 7:30p . Location and access of this meeting will be announced at a later date. For more information please visit the Borough website at:  

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