Sunday, May 3, 2020


  Alejandro Mercado, Bogota High School Class 1999, is a Spirit and Wines Brand Consultant who works with a number of  local Distillers, Distributors, along with Independent and International known premium spirit brands. One of the company he works with  is Port Morris Distiller based in the Bronx New York.  Port Morris  distills a specialty spirit, Pitorro; a traditional Puerto Rican Moonshine native to the island of Puerto Rico. Using their Uncle’s original recipe of apples, honey and brown sugar, they produce a 92 proof spirit. As a local business they have responded to the current situation by using their talents in a unique way.  Port Morris is currently producing a line of hand sanitizers available  for the public at there online store. These are FDA certified and contain 80% Alcohol Antiseptic & 20% Peroxide, Glycerin, Hydrogen Peroxide & Purified Water USP. It is in a liquid form that is lightly scented.  They are offering a 2 pack of 16oz bottles, and a 1 gallon size.  These are now available for purchase at their online store:  orders can be shipped to New Jersey.
  Because one of Mr. Mercado main locations of representation is in and around Bogota he has been authorized by Port Morris to take orders directly and deliver them to the locations in his area.  To take advantage of this service please contact Mr. Mercado directly by email at: .  He is accepting payment in a number of covenant ways. This includes Credit Card, cash, Venmo, Zelle, or other forms of electronic payment.  Payment options and a deliver schedule will be explain  at the time of purchase with Mr. Mercado. Along with Bogota he can deliver those products to the municipalities of Ridgefield Park, Teaneck, Hackensack and other towns close by in the Northern NJ area. By allowing Mr. Mercado to deliver these products there will not be a charge for a shipping fee. 
To contact Mr Mercado for more information please visit his website at: 

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photos courtesy of Port Morris Distillers

photo courtesy of Alejandro Mercado

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