Friday, May 22, 2020

Ridgefield Park Sine Die

  On Thursday-21-May the Village of Ridgefield Park held their Sine Die meeting for 27th Board of Commissioners. This meeting is used to complete any unfinished business from the past Commissioners meeting. At the end of the meeting outgoing Commissioners  Theresa Kohles, Hugo Poli, and Mayor George Fosdick  all gave one final address to the Board and to the Citizens of Ridgefield Park.  They all thanked their Families, Village Employees, Co-Workers and the resident of Ridgefield Park for allowing them to serve on  the Board of Commissioners. 
To view a Story on Mayor Fosdick 36 years of Public Office, including 28 years as Mayor of Ridgefield Park please go to: Mayor Fosdick
  Then the reorganization meeting for the 28th Board of Commissioners was called into order.  First the election results were announced they have been certified and were as follows:
-John H. Anlian             1,206
-William G. Gerken       1,204
-Mark C. Olson               1,203
-Adam MacNeill             1,182
-Wanda C. Portorreal    1,150
-Margaret R. Boyd             732
-Janet Malool                     651
-Theodore Tabasco           616
-Luis Correa                       581
-Jameria Miller                 532

   The top five candidates receiving the most vote have been elected to a four year term on the Ridgefield Park Board of Commissioners.  Then Mr.William Gerken,  Mr. Mark  Olson,  Mr.  Adam MacNeill,  Ms. Wanda Portorreal, and Mr. John  Anlian all took the oath of office. Then the Commissioners voted for the next Mayor of the Village. Commissioner John Anlian was appointed, by unanimous vote, to be the  Mayor for Ridgefield Park. Then the Commissioners voted on Mayor Anlian’s Designations of Directors  and Board member of various committees. These were accepted by unanimous  vote. Each new Commissioner gave an acceptance address for being a part of the new Governing Body.  Mayor Anlian was the final person to speak, and after thanking his Wife and Family for their support. He again thanked George Fosdick for his years of service and guidance to the Village of Ridgefield Park.
   The next Regular Commissioners meeting will be held on Tuesday-26-May and is scheduled to start at 7:00p. The Caucus meeting is on Tuesday-4-June and is scheduled to start at 7:00p. Both meeting will virtual, with access details to follow.

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photo courtesy of  Ridgefield Park.
office of Emergency Management 

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