Thursday, July 1, 2021

Bogota Board of Education

The Bogota Board of Education held a special meeting.  This was held as live streamed  zoom meeting only.
   In his report, Superintendent  Mr. Damien Kennedy announced that was the first day of summer school. because of the excessive high temperatures a number of window units were purchased to improve the condition of the classrooms.  
Mr. Kennedy  also announced the creation of an After-Care program  titled "Bogota Boost".  This will be an more affordable after school program and is projected to cost $150.00 per month. It will be for the Elementary Student at Steen and Bixby Schools. The program will start this fall and be available, after every school day from 2:25p to 6:00p. The Students will stay in their building with a number of Instructors on hand to assist with homework. There will also be workshops, indoor and outdoor (when conditions permit) activities time and a daily snack.
  Another program he is planning to start in the Fall is  ESL  Classes in the fall. Mr. Kennedy  then talked about the possibility of the wearing of mask in class could be optional, the District is waiting on final confirmation from the Board of Health within a few weeks.
  Other announcements were that the uniforms for the Middle School will be the current Yellow shirt used for Junior High School. This is for convince because of the short time frame, and will still be required for the Eight Grade Students. Mr. Kennedy is also planning  a tour of the new building for all incoming Students and their Families.  Letters will be sent to the Parents  to inform them, and allow for comments on all the program he announced today. 
 Then the trustees voted on the agenda items. All were passed by unanimous vote.  Items of note included the approval of the agreement  with the Borough of Bogota to hire SLEO III  Officers for all four building in the District. This agreement will be extended to 30-June-2024. Other item were accepts the resignation of Mr. Adam Ballard along with the appointment of  Ms. Sarah Anne Kokkinakis, and Ms. Surinder Kaur
  The next Board of Education meeting will be on Tuesday-31-August and is scheduled to start at 7:00p. This will be both an in-person and a virtual meeting. This will be held in Speary Gym and on zoom. All are open to the public. Log-in information will follow.
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