Saturday, July 17, 2021

Football Clinic

 On Thursday-15-July the Bogota Football Bucs and the Bogota Recreation Commission held their annual youth football clinic on Feigel Field.  This was open to all the Students who would like to take part in the Fall Season of Junior Football. The High School Football Coaches, and many of the Varsity players, were on hand to show the younger player some of the training method and skills needed to play competitive football. Bogota Head Coach Brain Appleton welcome the Student saying ".. Welcome to the best place in the world, because there is no other place as special like Feigel Field."  
   The Coaches first, with the High School players demonstrating, started showing a number of warm-up exercises and movement drills. The Varsity Players preformed the drills first. Then the younger players would go through the same drills. The spirit of learning about team work would happened early when one of the youngest player attending would catch his very first pass thrown to him by a Varsity Quarterback.  He was congratulated by Coach Appleton, and cheered by the rest of the team.  This continued through out the clinic. The High School players encouraged and support the their younger counterpart. There would words of how to improve if needed. Applause on successfully accomplishing a drill, catching a pass, recovering a fumble, or "pancaking" a blocker. 
  When the drills were finished the Student had a chance to use their new skills in a quick game. The players would be split into two teams to play each other. Both teams would be have Varsity Player Vance Mixon at Quarterback
  After each segment all the player, new and old, huddled together for the "GO BUCS" cheer. By the end of the clinic a different Junior Footballer would lead the cheer.
  For more information about Recreation Football and  Cheerleading, along with other recreation programs, please visit their website at:

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( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local stories & sports
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