Saturday, July 17, 2021

Bogota Borough Council


    On Thursday-15-July the Bogota Borough Council held their meeting for the month of July. After Citizens Comments the Council talked with the Borough’s bond advisor about a couple of financial questions. The first was the need to fiance two new vehicles for the Bogota Volunteer Fire Department. There is already a bond issued for the replacement of Hose Co. #2 Pumper Truck. The main question was could more money added to it so that a new Ladder Truck for Hook and Ladder Co. #1 can also be purchased. The Bond Councilor explained that the budgeted cost of the new Ladder Truck of $1.3 million would only raise the Borough’s Debt Ratio by less then 2/10th of one percent, or from 1.87% to 2.04%.  He continued in saying that this ratio is low for a municipality the size of Bogota. Along with the aggressive repayment schedule now being use the Borough, to repay their bond debit, will continue their good credit standing. The Council unanimously voted to add another $1.5 million (to cover cost overruns) to the current bond which will include the Pumper for Hose Co. #2 and now the Ladder truck for Hook and Ladder Co. #1
   Another question was about the hiring of a fourth Special Law Enforcement Offices-class 3 (SLEO-3) for the new Bogota Middle School. The salary of this position will be reimbursed to the Borough by the Bogota Board of Education. Bogota Police Chief Daniel Maye added that the cost of equipping the new (SLEO-3)officer is already included in current Police Dept. budget. The Council then unanimously voted to authorize the Police Dept. to advertise for this position. 
  Next the  Council voted on the items of the Consent Agenda. These were passed by an unanimous vote. Other item passed were payment of claims, an amendment to the Borough Storm-Water Control code, and the minutes from the previous meeting. All were past, with only one not being an unanimous vote. Item of note were the road improvements for Maplewood, Dunn, and Walnut Aves. Also was to accept funding from the State of New Jersey for the purchase of Body Worn Camera to be used by the officers of the Bogota Police Dept. 
   In his report Bogota Mayor Chris Kelemen gave an update about the number of positive covid -19 cases with-in Bogota. He said that there have been 4 new cases within the past two weeks. Mayor Kelemen explained with these new cases, and the raise of new variants, he is hoping to allow for in-person Council Meeting starting in the fall.  Other item of note from the Councils report was the purchasing of new recording equipment for the council meeting, which should allow the audio of the meeting be placed on the Boroughs website for the public to hear. A motion was table to approve the design for a new recycling centre. This will allow time to study if another area should be use, and to design the center at a lower cost.  It was also announced the PSE&G will be replacing, or upgrading the street lights within the Borough included the Railroad under pass at River Road. 
  The next Bogota Borough Council meeting will  take place on Thursday-19-August.  This will be virtual meeting starting at 7:30p . The Public is invited to attend. Log-in information will follow. For addition information  please visit the Borough's website at:

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