Friday, January 19, 2024

Bogota Council


On Thursday-18-January the Bogota Borough Council held their first regular meeting in 2024.
At the start of the meeting Bogota Mayor Ms. Daniele Fede took the time to remember Ms. Lois Mitchell who passed away last week.  She is the wife of Councilman Mr. John Mitchell. Then the chamber had a moment of silence. 
   After Citizens Remarks the Council discussed a number of items. The first was to hear from Bogota Volunteer Fire Department Chief Michael Krynicky. Chief Krynicky talked about the need improve the turn-out response of the department. One idea is to combine Hose Co.#2 with Engine Co. #3. One way to accomplish this is to renovate the Engine #3 firehouse on West Shore Ave. With the addition of a second bay that could be used by the new vehicle for Hose #2. Chief Krynicky continued is saying that a new firehouse could be cost prohibitive, and a refurbished firehouse on West Shore Ave. may be more efficient use of funds.  He added that if Hose #2 is moved there the Central Ave Firehouse could be sold and the land added to the Borough's tax base. The new vehicle could still use its current location until an upgraded West Shore Ave building is open. 
After his address, the Council voted on two resolutions. One was to repurpose grant money from the Police Department to the Fire Department for repairs on the Cental Ave. Firehouse. A second resolution was to start the process of selling the property at 164 Central Ave. with the processed going to the Fire Dept.  Other discussion was the creation of a new Swim Club Committe, a change in the work order for Firemen's Park and to change the meeting time for the Council meetings to 7:30p. All were passed by unanimous vote. 
  Next Sgt. Geoffery Cole of the Bogota Police Department informed the Council an Ordinance to amend number of changes to traffic schedules.  This will be present for a Public Hearing at the next meeting on Thursday-15-February 
  Then the Council voted on the consent agenda. All passed by unanimous vote. After an Executive Session the Council approved a conditional offer of full-time employment to Mr. Anthony Montano as an Officer on the Bogota Police Department. 
   The next Council meeting will be held on Thursday-1-February starting at 7:30p. It is scheduled to be held in the Council Chambers located on the third floor of 375 Larch Ave Bogota, NJ.  It will also be available online at: 
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