Saturday, January 6, 2024

Bogota Council


  On Friday-5-January the Bogota Borough Council held their annual Sine-Die and reorganization meeting. This took place in second floor the Senior Center. The first part was to close all unfinished business and payments for 2023.  Durning this first meeting there were a number of tribunes given to retiring Mayor Mr. Chistopher Kelemen. They included a few well wishes from residents during the public comment session. A brief video presentation highlighting Mayor Kelemen time in office along with remember his Father former Bogota Mayor Mr. Alex Kelemen. Bogota Police Chief Mr. Daniel Maye spoke of his work with Mayor Kelemen and then presented him with a plaque in recognition of his time as Mayor. Then Mayor Elect Ms. Danile Fede, as member of the Bogota Resue Squad with OEM Coordinator Mr. Robert Foster gave Mayor Kelemen a token of appreciation in the form a desk clock with the Rescue Squad logo on it. Also honouring Mayor Kelemen were former Bogota Mayors Mr. Steven M. Lonegan and Mr. William "Pat" Schuber. Mr. Schuber welcomed Mr. Kelemen into the Former Mayors of Bogota Club. He added that, historically Mr. Kelemen was the first Bogota Mayor to be a son of a Bogota Mayor, while Mayor Elect Fede is the first Female Mayor in the 130 year history of the Borough.  Then Mayor Kelemen spoke about his time as a Council Member, and then Mayor.  He thanked everyone who he served with in public office and those who supported him in over the years. Mr. Kelemen ending by thanking his Wife and Family for allowing him to take the time to be a public figure in Bogota.
  When this part was adjourned the reorganization session was called into order. First Borough Clerk Ms. Yenlys Flores-Bolivard announced that Bergen County Board of Elections certified the results.  This confirmed that Ms. Danile Fede won the office of Mayor with 847 votes for a four year term. Also Ms. Diana Vergara with 849 votes and Ms. Lisa Kohles with 828 votes were elected to the two available seats on the Bogota Council. These are both for a three-year term. Mayor Fede was sworn in by Mr. Kelemen with her Husband, and the three other member of the Former Mayors of Bogota Club. In Mayor Fede's acceptation speech talked about implementing procedural changes to allow for a more efficient format to the Council Meeting. She also talked about continuing and planning new projects to further improve the Borough. 
  Then Bergen County Commissioner Mr. Steven A. Tanelli gave the oath of Office to Councilwoman Vergara followed by Councilwoman Kohles. Then the Council elected Councilwoman Consuelo Carpenter as Council President by unanimous vote.  She was sworn -in by County Commissioner Tanelli.  Then Mayor Fede sworn in Councilman Robert Robbins as Police Commissioner.  She also swore in three of the Officers of the Bogota Rescue Squad. Mayor Fede, as the Deputy Chief of the Rescue Squad was sworn in separately by Mr. Andrew Fede.
  Then the Council voted on the consent agenda. All passed by unanimous vote.
  After Citizen comments the meeting was adjourned.  The next regular Council will be held on Thursday-18-January starting at 7:00p. It is scheduled to be held in the Council Chambers located on the third floor of 375 Larch Ave Bogota, NJ.  
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