Friday, August 28, 2015

Bogota Bucs Cross Country


      The most visible Bucs sport team in preseason training is the Women & Men of the Bogota Bucs Cross Country Squads. Their training is on the streets of Bogota, and surrounding communities. While most of the sports teams have structured practice they need to go through  Cross Country training is running, followed by more running. This helps to build up strength and endurance for their meets. While running is mainly an individual sport  Both squad will run together to push their teammates into running that last mile faster them they feel like taking it easy. Also running in groups is a reminder that meets are a team competition where when the individual runner success the team will also succeed.
     The Men's Squad will be defending their third Straight Varsity " D" title . While the Women's Squad is looking to regain a Varsity "D"  Championship. Both Squads are Coached by Men's Coach of the Year Jay Mahoney.
   Both Squads open their 2015 Season on Wednesday 9- September with a tri-meet at Darlington Park against Hawthorne Christian Academy and Waldwick. the first race starts at 4:30p

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